Living Free
Freedom is at the heart of Jesus’ life and message, and the mission of His followers. ¬†Living Free can help you identify where, why, and how you live in bondages of the enemy instead of in God’s freedom and hope. ¬†Through Christ’s power, you can break out of these bondages to live in the freedom Jesus intends for you, and live life to the full.

Living Free courses are designed to:

  • identify God’s purpose and original design for our lives
  • understand the spiritual and physical realms
  • understand how people can be set free in the power of Jesus Christ to live out the gospel life
  • understand how strongholds are built in our lives and can be Biblically and powerfully dismantled, releasing people from past hurts and injustices
  • rediscover the gift and joy of repentance and the full power of forgiveness
  • experience the joy that we can all hear God’s voice

CAP Money course
The CAP Money course is a free, comprehensive, simple money management course to help you get, and then stay, in total control of your finances. We work closely with St. Mark’s, Kennington to provide courses regularly.