Beyond St Stephen’s

Each year the church sets aside some money to support individuals, projects, and missions known to church members to assist them in the work God has called them to do.  Recent examples include:

  • Supporting young women at the Girl Child Hope Foundation in Uganda
  • Kone Kmeng – Working with Cambodian children.
  • Today for Tomorrow  – working with children in Zimbabw
  • We support various former members of our congregation who are now working as missionaries overseas:

Anne Grainger
Anne is based in Guinea, West Africa.  Anne supports and encourages the local church, and works with others to share the good news of Jesus with the local community.

Yaw Boamah
Yaw leads ‘RELITE Africa’, based in Accra, Ghana.  RELITE trains men and women at the University of Ghana to read and understand the Bible, to apply Biblical teaching to daily life, and to teach and preach the Bible effectively to others, all in a context where there is little training for church leaders.

Tokunbo Salami

Tokunbo leads Pleroma Ministries in Nigeria.

Penny Elvin

Penny works with Mission Direct leading groups of Christians to support projects in various countries.

Glenn and Siobhan Miles

Glenn and Siobhan and their daughters Zoe, Hannah, and Sarah returned some two years ago to Wales having for many years lived in Cambodia, and worked with the church and non-government organisations to prevent child sexual exploitation.  They ran projects that reduce risk by educating children and providing vocational training for youth.  They worked with sex tourists and army, doing research and advocacy with children who are returning to their communities after shelter and the often neglected issue of sexual exploitation of boys.

However, we regret that very recently and unexpectedly Siobhan has died and Glenn and their daughters are in our hearts and prayers as they come to terms with their loss, the shock of which has echoed worldwide.